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for the healthy foodies out there

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First post, ayoooo.

Okay so I have no clue what compulsion just came over me to start a food-related tumblr. I’m a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict but I wanted somewhere to share my creations and actually create a community with whom I can scream ‘HOLY SHIT I JUST MADE THE GREATEST THING EVER AND YOU MUST TOO.’ So that’s the motivation. 

I’m a 19-year-old girl, I go to college in America but grew up in London. I’m not some big baker or fantastic cook (that’s my mom but more about her later) BUT I can throw together ingredients to create something yummy. I’ve been home for winter break and been in the kitchen non-stop purely out of BOREDOM. But isn’t that the best? When you have a quiet kitchen, can put on some music and just be creative. Oh and I have a food-loving family who devour pretty much anything I make and it makes me happy to see them happy. So we got a good thing going awnnn. 

My approach to food is simple: I like to eat. I eat what I like. But I’m also a college girl who cares about looking fit and feeling good. So through a conscious effort to be healthy, now my palette actually craves clean foods. I swear, I would much rather bite into a crunchy, juicy apple than a bag of processed chips. 

Now before you food lovers run the other way thinking ‘oh this is another health freak,’ believe me I enjoy brownies, chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon buns as much as the next person, and I’m not about deprivation (can’t stand pro-mia, pro-ana, thinspiration or any of that stuff), so I’ve been trying to find healthy substitutes for certain ingredients to make the same delicious treats I can feel less guilty for devouring an entire pan of (‘cause let’s face it, sometimes it just happens.)

Anyways whether you follow me or don’t, this is going to be MY space and if you like delicious food that doesn’t turn you into a giant dough ball then I think you’ll like it. Peace.

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